These are the amazing people who will be your trainers at Decode Academy.

Meet the Decode Academy trainers

Adriana Birtea

Analytical thinking, attention to details and the enthusiasm for learning and sharing guides her way through life. Adriana turned the job into a passion.

Trainer in: Manual QA Fundamentals

Laura Bojincă-Moisei

Full-stack online marketer, reporting for duty in the field of SaaS and NGOs since 2010. From strategic planning to implementing campaigns and monitoring KPIs, Laura enjoys every part.

Trainer in: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Iasmina Ermalai

Book lover, firm believer that education can save us all, always on both sides of the barricade: pupil everywhere, teacher at UPT, developer at [e-spres-oh].

Trainer in: Introduction to Web Development

Sergiu Foca

Even though he is the muse of Creative Monkeyz, Sergiu Foca remains full of modesty. He graduated the Master’s degree in Marketing & Sales and he always keeps an open mind.

Trainer in: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Sorin Guga

Passionate developer who likes experimenting with all the tech around him. Enthusiastic, patient and eager to answer any questions you might have.

Trainer in: Programming Fundamentals, Programming Fundamentals: Algorithms

Ioana Iordan

Creative and social human being that believes that no matter the context, it’s all about the experience. ‘Cause we are living in a material world and I am no material girl.

Trainer in: Introduction to UX Design

Arnold Ispan

Currently a web developer cum laude at [e-spres-oh], enthusiast and fun problem solver.
Always with a pun up his metaphorical sleeve.

Trainer in: Introduction to Web Development

Bogdan Negrescu

Senior UX designer with a great taste for user interfaces and love for human interactions. Great social skills although he may appear as vicious and cruel. That’s all for your safety.

Trainer in: Introduction to UX Design

Andrei Pfeiffer

A hybrid between designer and developer. Andrei wears many hats, but he is best known as Code Designer @ [e-spres-oh] and tim.js organizer.

Horia Radu

Currently working as a Software Engineer at [e-spres-oh] and a part-time TA at UPT. Passionate about computer science and programming (fluent in Java, Ruby and Javascript).

Trainer in: Programming Fundamentals

Razvan Stan

A passionate front-end developer, who pays attention to how things are looking on the world wide web. Always positive and eager to help and learn more.

Trainer in: Introduction to Web Development

Traian Stanciu

eCommerce developer at GetBowtied. Enjoys code refactoring and data collection (a little too much). Strives to understand user behaviour & needs in order to offer the best, smoothest app experience.

Trainer in: PHP Web Development

Vlad Vidac

Born to be writing code. Pro tip: ask him about boardgames during the breaks.

Trainer in: Programming Fundamentals: Algorithms

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