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Decode Academy: courses and trainings for technology aficionados Decode Academy: courses and trainings for technology aficionados

What is Decode Academy?

With courses spanning from web development to marketing and design, Decode Academy is the place to study tech-related topics in a friendly atmosphere.

Decode Academy provides courses and workshops held by in-house trainers as well as co-branded courses and internal company trainings.

Our specialized trainers are professionals who work in their respective fields every day. All sessions are dynamic and interactive.

Courses are held in a unique setting, where tech aficionados can truly feel at home and connect with like-minded participants.

Decode Academy: courses and trainings for technology aficionados

Who is this for?

For Individuals

Learn highly demanded skills

Whether you are a web rookie or you are already fluent in digital, Decode Academy is for you! For now, you can take introductory and intermediate level courses.

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For Companies

Create your own courses & trainings

Decode Academy gives selected companies the possibility to hold co-branded courses with external participants, as well as internal company trainings.

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  • I enjoyed my time with Decode Academy. First of all they have very talented, friendly and highly skilled teachers who made me understand the basics of web development easily. The environment is just perfect to learn, progress and achieve all the knowledge to become a good developer. I’m looking forward to participate on the next sessions of courses. By all means Decode Academy is just cool :)

    Marius Tutuianu
  • The experience from the last night was great, all staff was wonderful and lovely, they were there only to help us understand! Congratulations!

  • 10.times do
    puts "Yaay, it's been fun while it lasted!"


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